Brewing RAKIYA

As proud Bulgarians, we would tell you a little more about our valuable and deeply respected customs and traditions!

When autumn comes, we start not only making wine, but also to brewing RAKIYA!

How does this phenomenon happen, you gonna ask?
#TEAMMOMA will reveal the truth for you!

In the RAKIYA season, cooking pots are the busiest places in small villages. If the summer is dry and sunny, the grapes will be of high quality and this will be a guarantee that the rakiya will be good.

Brewing RAKIYA at home is a common practice in our country.

How exactly is RAKIYA brewed? RAKIYA is brewed from the so-called. ‘’DZHIBRI’’ – a mixture of fermented fruits. The ‘’DZHIBRI’’ should be boiled immediately after the completion of the alcoholic fermentation.

RAKIYA is brewed in ordinary cauldrons, which consist of a cauldron, lid, pipe and coil, preferably made of copper.

Basic steps in the production of RAKIYA.

1.The technology for the production of RAKIYA at home is not complicated, but the work is both touchy and gentle. Everything is obtained thanks to the process of distillation of fermented fruits. The RAKIYA is boiled in a cauldron, and the vapors from it are taken out through a pipe into the coil, where they are cooled.

2.After boiling the chips, maintaining a moderate fire is of great importance to avoid burning it. The RAKIYA stops when it reaches 38 degrees. Traditional homemade rakiya is strong, so it should be diluted with distilled water.

3.Fruits which are of varying degrees of ripeness, greener, overripe, rotten are used as raw material. As soon as the fruits are placed in the tub, they must be mashed with a drill as a mixer in order to make a good even fermentation.

4.Fruit RAKIYA also contain a lot of methyl alcohol, because fruits, unlike grapes, contain pectin. Fruit rakiya must be boiled a second and third time.

5.Not whole grapes are used for brewing RAKIYA, but ‘’DZHIBRI’’ squeezed first for wine. Good rakia is brewed from whole grapes.

As the Bulgarian doctor said:

50 g of rakiya is for treatment

100 g of rakiya is for disease

P.S. Every time you raise a glass of RAKIYA, think of us!

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