Grape Harvest. The Process Or Period Of Picking Grapes

In September it’s time to grape harvest in Bulgaria. With each passing day, the autumn vines become more and more ready to pick the ripe grapes.

The masters who make homemade wine are preparing to make the real drink!

Hands holding and cutting grape from the plant.

The grape harvest is one of the most exciting moments in many Bulgarian villages, which marks the closing of the grape-wine cycle. And we know that the Bulgarian believes that sometimes wine is just a must at the table!

There is magic in these moments of harvest, which according to old traditions began on September 14(Krustiovden).

The time for harvesting the bunches is determined mostly by maturity, measuring the levels of sugar, acid and tannin.

We have the following beliefs from generations back:

– To make a glass of wine you need a bunch;

– Women should pick the grapes because their hands are softer and will keep it fresh;

– The fruit does not break unripe, because the year will be sour.

Today, all the vine growers are already on their feet … ГРОЗДОБЕРЪТ BEGINS!

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