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We, the people in Sofia, can’t wait for the weekend to come and go on Vitosha. We’re sure that you have heard about our many natural resources and that we literally have a mountain in our city..and hiking for us is very accessible!

In Vitosha we get the necessary dose of freshness, recharge the batteries and getting there directly by public transport. And we also know that many of the guests of our capital are looking for opportunities for active tourism and hiking😊.

That is the reason why here we will tell you about the most accessible and favourite routes for a walk in the mountains near Sofia. We will give you some ideas for easy hikes and breathtaking places that you SHOULDN’T miss to see during your stay here!


Let’s start with an ancient church, a waterfall, a panoramic view of Sofia and several paths for a peaceful transition.

You can see all this in the area above the Boyana. What to see there?

Boyana Church.

The famous Boyana Church is located in Boyana, you must see it. Boyana Church “St. St. Nicholas and Panteleimon “is a unique cultural and historical landmark of Bulgaria. It’s included in the list of world cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO. Bus 64 from the Zoo reaches the Boyansko Hanche(INN), and then you have to walk about 300 meters to its entrance.

Boyana waterfall.

If you want to see the Boyana waterfall, you can climb to it through the Boyana lake (walking is about 2 hours) or go down to it from Momina Skala hut. This route is considered by Sofia people for one of the freshest “walks” you can do at the foot of Vitosha.P.S.The trail is conveniently marked.

The Golden Bridges

Another key point in Vitosha, from which it is appropriate to walk to the so-called Moreni. Why is this area called that? Because of the impressive huge oval stone blocks of syenite (moraine). You can get there from Boyana district by road (12 km).

Panoramic view from the Kopitoto tower.

The road to the bridges branches off to the TV tower of Kopitoto, from where a wonderful panoramic view of the whole of Sofia is revealed. There are a lot of huts in the area, such as: Kumata, Edelweiss, Zvezditsa, Borova gora, Opheliite (Malinka hut).


  1. The Golden Bridges – Kopitoto (hiking, about an hour). The path to Kopitoto starts from the stone river, and at the beginning you take the direction for Momina Skala hut. The route is easy, for the most part it goes through a grove. N.B. From the Golden Bridges there is no sign to the Kopitoto and if one does not know the direction one can be confused. You have to walk along the Golden Bridges bistro and take the path, or more precisely the alley, to Momina Skala hut and Planinets hut. At the beginning of this alley there are various signs on the trees with wise thoughts.
  2. The Golden Bridges – Knyazhevo (hiking about 2 hours). The trail starts from the asphalt road from the Golden Bridges to the Momina Skala hut, shortly after the last restaurant of the Golden Bridges. The trail is separated as an alley, it has good markings and in places – places for relax. The trail exits at the turn of tram number 5. The route is part of the popular Alley of Herbs, between Knyazhevo and Momina Skala hut.
  3. The easiest route in the mountains – Bistritsa – Zheleznitsa. This is one of the easiest routes on Vitosha. You can go down to different places along the line from which light and pleasant paths start. The panoramic alley  is about 4.3 km. Bus – 98 (starting stops: NSBAL ONCOLOGY / Hemus).


Dragalevtsi lift

Above the Dragalevtsi neighborhood is the Dragalevtsi lift. Nearby there is an intermediate station – Bai Krastyo, from which you can walk to the shelter Kikish (for about an hour). The view of the whole of Sofia is worth it, we guarantee you! The hike from the starting stop of Dragalevtsi has a total duration of about 2 hours, and it is suitable for beginners!

Simeonovo Lakes

Above the Simeonovo district are the Simeonovo Lakes. The first station of the Simeonovo lift is close to the ring road, and the last one is located near Shtastlivetsa (Aleko). Above Simeonovo passes the Bypass Path of Vitosha, which we recommend for a light walk. It passes over Zheleznitsa, Bistritsa, Simeonovo, Dragalevtsi and Boyana.

You catch bus number 67 from the Seminary, Student City, Zoo or one of its other stops. Get off at Simeonovo – there is a whole square. You stop facing Vitosha and go up on the only street opposite you – you fall a little to the left – “Vitosha Lakes‘‘. At the first crossroads – after about 150 m turn left past a beautiful corner house. There are Green Forest signs on both walls.

Aleko hut

You can reach Aleko by bus 66, the other option is to take the lift from Simeonovo to Aleko. From there you can walk in several directions – to climb the steep hill to Cherni Vrah (about 2 hours of walking and it is relatively easy),to walk without much effort to Kamen del and Golden Bridges or to go down to Simeonovo

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