Motifs In Bulgarian Embroidery: What Do The Symbols Mean?

Traditional embroidery is varied in different areas, where varieties can be seen in the costumes of men and women. The motifs in the embroideries are chosen according to the purpose of the social status and gender.

There was a tradition, in different places in Bulgaria, to use color and geometric motifs.

The young girls were allowed only to embroider until their wedding day, then started again when they had to teach their daughters the craft.

What do the different colors symbolize?

The embroideries are depicted in different colors, each of which has a certain symbolism.

The red color symbolizes the mother’s blood and the new life.

The green color is an expression of eternal life ; it’s associated with the Tree of Life.

Yellow is associated with the sun, fire, light.

White means purity, inviolability, youthful innocence and God’s light.

Here are some of our most famous symbols and their meaning:

Traditional Bulgarian embroidery. Depicts the motif KOLO.

Kolo is a motif that symbolizes the sun. The KOLO is obtained from diagonally arranged triangles, combining a ‘kanatitsa’ (symbol) & ‘makaz’ (symbol), located in its center.


The KANATITSA motif is composed of triangles, it’s a stylized image of a butterfly.
It is an ancient symbol guardian of the home and family, it brings prosperity and luck.

Plant ornaments

The most common ornamentation in Bulgarian embroidery is plant. The vine, the rose, the tulip, the carnation, symbolizing family, fertility, peace and abundance, are among the most common. At the heart of all of them is the depiction of the ancient symbol “the tree of life”.

Animal ornamentation

In animal (zoomorphic) ornamentation, the rooster, as well as the horse or horse’s head, symbolize the sun.

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