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You may don’t know, but Bulgaria has an exceptional wealth of mineral waters. Since ancient times, the mineral springs in Bulgaria have been a place where people were treated and rested. Most places have hot water, but there are also cold ones. If you have free time, the months of September and October are extremely suitable to prepare your body for the winter months and to relax properly for a recharging weekend. Of course, we thought about not traveling for hours, but at the same time moving away from the city noise and feeling the rhythm of nature!

Let’s start from Sofia:

It is said that one of the reasons why the first Christian emperor Constantine the Great uttered the phrase: “Serdica is my Rome” is the mineral waters of today’s Sofia. Our capital is one of the richest in the world of mineral waters. An indisputable fact.

Forest Jacuzzi? What is this miracle?

There are a lot of legends about the “alive water” of the village of Zheleznitsa. They say that the locals made their own bathroom. The mineral spring is located 2 km from the village of Zheleznitsa in Sofia, and the transition takes about 1-1.5 hours. The water has a temperature of 28 degrees C and the springs are 12. It is believed that water helps and cures stress, fatigue and skin diseases. Volunteers have formed two pools that are supplied with mineral water and are called forest jacuzzis. A real oasis in nature that you will admire! Don’t miss them.

Once you have gone through them, we can go further. Don’t think that only Sofia has these natural resources? Let’s see.

We present you some of the most popular places with mineral water in Bulgaria, which are SO close to Sofia!

Bankya (only 17 km. From Sofia)

The town of Bankya is a famous spa resort with mineral waters, which have temperatures from 36.5 to 37 ° С.

The water is extremely suitable for everyday use, with very pleasant taste due to the fact that it has low mineralization and hardness,it’s clear and odorless.

What do the mineral waters in Bankya treat?

• cardiovascular diseases;

• damages to the nervous system.

Kostenets City (88.5 km, 1 h 3 min)

The ideal place for a complete vacation – in the eastern part of Rila Mountain, 78 km. southeast of Sofia. Located in a picturesque area, the hotel complexes there provide you with a magnificent view of the peaks of beautiful Rila. All the delights, combined with the healing mineral water, the guaranteed tranquility and the healthy climate, contribute to your overall recovery and “recharging”.

The mineral water there is warm, suitable for the treatment of joints, peripheral nervous system and spinal cord.

Dolna Banya City (95.3 km, 1 h 11 min)

In the complex “Dolna Banya”, in addition to all other amenities, you can use the healing properties of the famous mineral water with a wide range of useful qualities. Its temperature is 67.8 ° С and is used to treat a number of diseases: rheumatic, skin, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, motor, as well as the nervous and reproductive systems.

Kyustendil (103.1 km, 1 h 23 min)

Kyustendil has over 40 mineral springs. Due to its rich sulfur content, Kyustendil water favors the treatment of various skin diseases. Also called the “city of springs”, Kyustendil has over 20 centuries of history as a spa resort. Up to date, the mineral springs of Kyustendil are unique in structure and content of mineral elements and affect a number of diseases. The biggest advantage over other mineral waters in Bulgaria is the favorable influence in solving reproductive problems in couples. The temperature of the spring mineral water is 73 ° C.

Sapareva Banya (91.0 km, 1 h 39 min)

Sapareva Banya is located in southwestern Bulgaria. It is located between the Rila and Verila mountains and is famous for its geyser in the city center. The mountain drinking water in Sapareva Banya is very cold and clean, and the mineral water is one of the hottest in Europe. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system and spine, post-traumatic conditions, orthopedic, degenerative-joint, skin and gynecological diseases are treated here.

Varshets (85.4 km, 1 h 43 min)

Varshets City is famous for its healing hot mineral water. The lack of limestone in the water of Varshets makes it one of the softest in Bulgaria. The mineral water here cures diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular system, and of the musculoskeletal system. Clean air and healing water have a good effect on diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, eye and skin problems.

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