Quadrangle of Religious Tolerance

Sofia is a city of many religions. One of the biggest proofs of this is the so-called “Quadrangle of Religious Tolerance”, which brings together in one place in the center four religious churches. What’s interesting nearby?

Orthodox Christian Church (“St. Nedelya Church”)

The holy place is a religious and cultural oasis in the heart of the capital. Local Orthodox Christians visit the temple to pray and bow, while foreign tourists are attracted by the architecture, the history and the impressive appearance of the building. It‘s an architectural treasure!

About 500m~656 steps from ”St. Nedelya Church” YOU CAN FIND US!

Muslim mosque “Banya Bashi”

This delightful mosque is a typical monument of Ottoman architecture which adds colour to the Sofia city centre. Banya Bashi means ‘a lot of baths’ and the name comes from the neighbouring Tsentralnata Banya (Central Baths). “Banya” ~ bulgarian word for bath. Banya Bashi mosque is not officially open as a tourist attraction. There’s no entrance fee. Visitors are welcome outside prayer times, including women, if modestly dressed. Remember to take your shoes off when you enter!

Jewish Synagogue

The building of the Central Sofia Synagogue is rightly described as the pride of the Bulgarian Jewish community. It is one of the three largest Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) synagogues in Europe and the largest on the Balkan Peninsula.

Catholic cathedral (“St. Joseph”)

It’is a Roman Catholic cathedral and actually a co-cathedral of the Diocese of Sofia and Plovdiv, together with the Cathedral of St. Louis in Plovdiv.

Four buildings – four stories about the vicissitudes of history!

We can’t hide that the center of Sofia is full of impressive symbols to which we undoubtedly give meaning every day.

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