The Habits of the Bulgarian and What Makes Us Who We Are!

There are some oddities that we’ve accepted, but every foreigner who finds out about them is totally stunned. Let’s talk more about it. 🙂

  1. We say a number when someone sneezes

Bulgarians will definitely not avoid the opportunity to say a number afterwards. In this way ‘’we should understand who is causing our sneezing by thinking about us. ‘’ Yes, no kidding.

We truly believe it. Naive or not, the assumptions are often correct.

Habits are habits. Strange or not, they are ours!

2. Superstition

Even people who live under the illusion that we are not superstitious do not feel like we are in the habit of doing at least one of the following – we do not leave our bag on the ground, we do not pass under signs, we do not jump over someone while sitting, we do not cross the road when a black cat has just crossed, we knock on wood, give away purses and bags with only coins in them, and so on.

It’s getting more interesting, isn’t it?

3. There is no Shopska salad without R A K I A

Whether it’s lunch or dinner. We drink it as an Apéritif. If you haven’t figured it out.. It’s a must to drink it with Shopska salad.

Shopska Salad.

4. When we pay the bill in a restaurant and we’re a big company, everyone gives their share that owe and we pay the total bill together.


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