Why We Thank You With MERCI?

Where Does The French MERCI Come From Along With Our BLAGODARIA? And more interesting ‘’borrowings’’ in our grammar…

You will probably hear words that are borrowed from other nations. Yes that is right. And we do. Who borrows from whom?

Many borrowings entered the young Bulgarian literary language during the Revival and after the Liberation(Including from French)…
And some remain to this day.

The word “MERCI” comes from French and is used to express gratitude. !It has the same meaning in Austria, Switzerland and even in Germany.




thank you

But Merci is slang for us. That is why we have another, literary word for it – BLAGODARIA. 
This is the reason we use, willingly or unwillingly, both. Thanks for your attention and BLAGODARIA.

For “CIAO” our version is about the end of the 50s, when a screening of Italian films begins here (because they show the poor life in capitalist Italy – this is the so-called neorealism in Italian cinema) and Bulgarians start using this word, but on the other hand, with another meaning. Everyone in Italy, as well as in Bulgaria, greets each other informally and friendly with “goodbye”. In our country it is used only for ‘’goodbye’’, in Italy it’s used for both “hello” and “goodbye”

P.S. something aside, but quite interesting

Our word “train/vlak” is a direct borrowing from Czech. In Czech is a literal translation from German Zug, which is from the verb ziehen – drag.

Now, and VLAK/TRAIN has the same meaning of towing (same root as tract). But our word has the meaning of:
~ A vehicle of coupled wagons pulled on locomotive rails = в л а к

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